Crops grow on Corpses? Welcome to Underground Agriculture!

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For civilization to rise, a stable supply of food needs to be harvested . Drow, Druegar, Illithids, they also need to have a source of fruits, grains, and vegetables.  One of the most important factors that differentiate farmers on the surface from the farmers under the surface is the source of energy that they need to grow their crops.  There is no sun to shine down. These civilizations have discovered types of energy that will help them grow their crops and do not require significant labor cost.

Many different methods of agriculture have risen out of different needs and different conditions around the world.  From Raised Fields in places where the ground is too hard to plow, to floating fields where nutrients come from the lake bed beneath the surface!  Terraced fields are popular in mountainous regions, while irrigation or canal farming is popular in places where rivers ravage across the land.   You will also note that links in the table lead to our Miscellaneous tables to help expand the options that you have when it comes to growing crops.

2d4-1 Water Supply 2d4-1 Energy Source
1 underground river 1 rocks
2 underground lake 2 moss
3 drilled well 3 minerals
4 condesation dripping from above 4 magma pool
5 clay pot irrigation 5 decomposing remains
6 decomposing remains 6 phospherant (1d3 Energy Source)
7 waterfall 7 magical (1d3 Energy Source)
1d6 Type of Farming
1 raised field the field is raised above the cavern floor
2 irrigation fields the fields are fed by irrigation canals
3 mixed cropping two different crops are grown in the same field
4 crop rotation the fields are kept fertile by letting an odd field lie fallow
5 terraced fields have been cut from the stone to create terrace
6 floating fields the fields float on a body of water.
1d4 Type of Agriculture 2d3-1 Labor Organization
1 mushrooms 1 Slave Labor
2 grain 2 Familial Unit
3 fruits 3 Community Farming
4 vegetables 4 Tenant Farming
5 Magical Labor
1d8 Associated Buildings

1 cistern
2 threshing hut
3 juice presses
4 grain elevator
5 barn
6 nursery
7 mill house
8 farm house