Campaign Genre Mashup!

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This Month TheRandomDM has decided to throw his hat back into the RPG Blog Carnival! TheDumpStat hosted May’s Carnival and called out to us all to talk about Crossing Genres. And who better to mix a Genre, then TheRandomDM! So I spent some time over at TvTropes and compiled a table to help you create your own Mixed Genre campaign.

Roll two tables, and wrap it up by rolling on the Ending Trope table. It will help lead you build the timing and cadence of your campaign.  And then finish it off with an epic final scene.

TheRandomDM is aware that your favorite Genre is probably missing, so leave a comment on your favorite Genre’s and Tropes so that the Table can grow and be an inspiration for another DM’s campaign!

1d20 Action Tropes
1 Amulet of Dependency
2 Carnival of Killers
3 Cloak and Dagger
4 Curb-Stomp Battle
5 Day of Reckoning
6 Deep Cover Agent
7 Dungeon Crawl
8 Flynning
9 Gladiator Games
10 Great Escape
11 Escort Mission
12 An offer you can’t refuse
13 The Purge
14 River of Insanity
15 Save the Villain
16 Slave Liberation
17 Sole Survivor
18 Wooden Ships and Iron Men
19 Trial of the Mystical Jury
20 Torch and Pitchforks
1d8 Crime Tropes
1 Androids and Detectives
2 Buddy Cop Show
3 Caper
4 Detective Drama
5 Fair Play Whodnit
6 Forensic Drama
7 Law Procedural
8 Mystery of the Week
1d10 Dramatic Tropes
1 Talking the Monster to Death
2 Stranger in a Familiar Land
3 Moral Dilemma
4 Linked List Clue Methodology
5 Knight of Cerebus
6 Achiles Heel
7 A Tragedy of Impulsiveness
8 Coming of Age Story
9 Feuding Families
10 Justified Criminal
1d8 Gothic Horror
1 Dark Fantasy
2 Fairy Tale
3 Gothic Punk
4 Steam Punk
5 Weird West
6 Religion of Evil
7 Eldritch Abomination
8 Eldritch Location
1d6 Military Tropes
1 Alien Invasion
2 Draft Dodging
3 Forever War
4 Guilt Free Extermination
5 Urban Warfare
6 Pretext for war
1d12 Science Fiction Tropes
1 Absent Aliens
2 Advanced Ancient Acropolis
3 Ancient Tradition
4 Cosmic Chess Game
5 Crush Kill Destroy
6 Dawn of an Era
7 Down the Rabbit Hole
8 Innocent Aliens
9 Living Relic
10 Lost Colony
11 Mystical Plague
12 Shattered World
1d20 Ending Tropes
1 Apocalypse Wow
2 Awesome Moment of Crowning
3 Bittersweet Ending
4 Boring Return Journey
5 Call to Agriculture
6 Cerebus Ending
7 Champions on the Inside
8 Day of Reckoning
9 Earn your Happy Ending
10 End of the World Special
11 Esoteric Happy Ending
12 The Good Guys Always Win
13 The Hero Dies
14 Here We Go Again
15 Last Stand
16 Last Villain Stand
17 Riding into the Sunset
18 So Once Again the Day is Saved
19 “Where are the Now?” Epilogue
20 Storming the Castle