A combination lock with goblinoid script on it? That’s Random!

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In replying to Mark, yesterday I brought up the story about my last session which I used random locks to have my players draw conclusions about things I hadn’t even worried about thinking about. In honor of that here is the table of random locks which I used.  I have given you links to all of the different types of Locking Mechanisms, so that i makes a little more sense, if you are willing to decipher the techno-babble of the locksmiths.  It does make some interesting points.  And one might be able to infer a whole room which is set up to be a giant lock, and the players need to set the tumblers to open the great big door.  I think I may try it with my big bad vault that the players are quickly approaching in my game.

The Base DC that a Lock has is: DC 20.  Any traps to be found in the lock will have their own SEARCH and DISABLE DC’s based on Trap Rules.

1d6 Locking Mechanism DC
1 Disc Tumbler Lock +2
2 Wafer Tumbler Lock +0
3 Pin Tumbler Lock +1
4 Lever Tumbler Lock +1
5 Chubb Detector Lock +5
6 Lever Lock +0
1d2 Mechanism Container DC
1 Padlock -1
2 Rim Lock +0
1d3 Unlocking Mechanism DC
1 Key +5
2 Combination +2
3 Wheel Lock +1
1d6 Tumblers

1 3 -1
2 4 +0
3 5 +1
4 6 +2
5 8 +4
6 10 +6
1d4 Quality

1 Poor -2
2 Standard +0
3 Good +2
4 Excellent +5
1d4 Locking Verbage

1 There are numbers on these tumblers from 0 to 9
2 There are [LANGUAGE] letters on these tumblers.
3 There are Exotic Symbols on these tumblers.
4 Images of [CREATURES] are on these tumblers
1d4 Traps

1 This Lock is not trapped.
2 Poison Needle +4
3 Acid Spray +5
4 Magical Trap +10