Random Paintings

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d8 Art Style Description of Style
1 Abstract Expressionism Emphasizes form and color rather than a subject
2 Baroque Ornate and Dramatic
3 Cubism Abstract geometric form presented from many angles at the same time
4 Expressionism Exaggerated and distorted with emotion
5 Impressionism Visual interpretation of the subject by color rather than lines
6 Minimalism Visual interpretation of subject by lines rather than color
7 Post-Impressionism Emotional subject exaggerated with color than lines
8 Romanticism Idealized world and nostalgia for the past
9 Surrealism images from artist imaginations and dreams
10-12 Classic  
d4 Art Subject  
1 Landscape  
2 Portrait  
3 Still Life  
4 Real Life  
d6 Coloring Description of coloring
1 Complementary Colors Opposite colors that look lively when used together
2 Analogous closely related colors that look pleasant together
3 Neutral Earth Tones
4 Warm Colors Reds, Oranges, Yellows
5 Cool Colors Blue, Green, Purples
6 Specific Color (roll d6 on Color Table)  
7 Tinted (re-roll d6 for coloring) Light …
8 Shaded (re-roll d6 for coloring) Dark …
d6 Basic Colors
1 Red  
2 Orange  
3 Yellow  
4 Blue  
5 Violet  
6 Green