A Haunting Table

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Inspired by the ‘Undead Foe Generator’ over at Campaign Mastery.  Where Johnn was building a table that gave you motivations, lairs, mannerisms, and other great stuff, this table helps you generate a specific encounter with a ghost.

Ghosts are interesting undead that are often overlooked in the RPG Genre but explored in great depth in literature.  Shakespeare took a look at how they can demand vengeance in Hamlet.  Charles Dickens used a ghost to teach Scrooge to be kinder.  Homer’s ghosts lead his hero’s with Prophecy and Advice.  Bill Cosby’s Ghost Dad, was amusement.

So why are Ghosts an unused and unexplored trope in so many roleplaying systems?  And just used as a combatant?  Well to address that issue I present you with this table: The Ghost Encounter Table.

1d6 Records Record Explanation
1 Bi-Locations A Projection from another place
2 Stick Ghosts Stick to an object or place
3 Intelligent Haunting The ghost is intelligent and has purpose
4 Poltergeist A Ghost unable to communicate
5 Ghosts of pass Ghosts that appear when death/life intersect
6 Psychic Imprint An imprint of person/action
2d4-1 Special Powers 1d12 Reason for undeath
1 Deadly Wail 1 Violent Death (Retribution)
2 Healing Touch 2 Punish the Living for crimes
3 Draining Touch 3 Seeking Proper Burial
4 Burning Gaze 4 To Announce Death
5 Animate Objects 5 Complete a Task or Quest
6 Telepathy 6 Betrayed by a Lover
7 Visions of the future 7 Unjust Death
8 Cursed
9 Brought Back by Magic
10 Guide Descendants
11 Protection
12 Unwillingness to Leave Life
2d3-1 Physical Manifestation 1d8 manifestation Modifiers
1 as a solid image 1 on a full moon
2 as a wispy image 2 only to virgin females
3 as an energy orb (Will ‘o Wisp) 3 only to children
4 magical energy 4 on special anniversary
5 cold spots 5 only to animals
6 only through a medium
7 when it absorbs magical energy
8 to family members