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Some afterhoard thoughts – looking fowards too.

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So, of course stumbling around looking @ my stats I noticed the link from Mithril & Mages, and I had this one on the backburner for awhile, I am going to upgrade to a paid account/selfhosting so I can do some more widgets, stat tracking, and more! Mostly I want to get some php and mysql live so that I can get some of these tables as actual generators. I know there are a lot of ‘generator’ sites out there, but I want my own!

Never fear though, I will continue posting the tables as I have, because I think its a unique concept and while some OSR’ers are posting this or that table, noone FOCUSES on random tables like me!

But what I will do is integrate some coolness into it. Much like Digital Orc did with the google spreadsheet; I’ll create user input interfaces for the generator, so that the audience can input more details and make it robust.

So that’s something to look forward too when this Hoard project wraps up here at the end of the month.