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Tell me more about that broken hilt sitting in the corner, would you?

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Swords are a cornerstone of the “swords and sorcery” campaign types. But have you ever seen a well detailed, descriptive sword? A stat block that tells you that the pear-shaped pommel is inset with a piece of jade. The cross-guard is tapered towards the end. Harrumph, I saw to that. Let’s give our swords some flavor. Today, we spend some time just describing our hilt. Sometime in the future we will get somewhere with the rest of the sword. Most of the research is based on the: Ewart Oakeshott Sword Categorization. You can find more information about it over at myArmoury.com And with a quick glance and clicks you can find images that match many of the options described here.

1d6 Describe Hilt
1 has three pieces to it;
[Describe Upper Guard], [Describe Pommel], and [Describe Grip]
2 has two pieces to it, an [Describe Upper Guard] and [Describe Grip]
3 has two Pieces to it, [Describe Pommel] and [Describe Grip]
4 has no guards and only has [Describe Grip]
5 has [Describe Basket Guard] and [Describe Grip]
6 has [Describe Basket Guard], [Describe Grip], and [Describe Pommel]
1d10 Describe Cross Guard
1 straight bar tapered towards the end
2 straight bar “waisted” and flared back to original width
3 straight bar
4 straight bar with terminals bent towards the blade
5 bowtie – straight bar, with widened and flattened terminals
6 curved bowtie
7 broad flat section, curved torward the blade
8 broad flat section, curved torward the blade, terminals a rolled over
9 straight bar tapered towards the blade
10 curved bar, with knobbed terminals
1d3 Describe Grip
1 the grip which is made from [Metal]
2 the grip which is made from [Wood]
3 the grip is wrapped in [Animal Skin]
1d6 Describe Basket Guard
1 a woven full basket guard
2 a woven half basket guard
3 a full basket guard
4 a half basket guard
5 a fold down half guard
6 tree bar guard
1d4 Length
1 much shorter
2 slightly shorter
3 slightly longer
4 much longer
1d4 Width
1 much wider
2 slightly wider
3 slightly slimmer
4 much slimmer
1d4 Weight
1 much lighter
2 slightly lighter
3 slightly heavier
4 much heavier
1d20 Pommel Forms
1 brazil-nut form
2 mushroom or “tea-cozy” form
3 “cocked hat” form
4 diamond form
5 disc-shaped form
6 disc-shaped form with chamfered edges
7 disc-shaped form with concave faces
8 disc-shaped form with smaller broad chamfers that widen to pommel
9 disc-shaped form with two discs, flatter outer and raised inner disc
10 “boat” shaped
11 “crescent” shaped
12 spherical
13 cube form
14 “scent stopper”
15 “key-shaped”
16 “fish tail”
17 Flared bottom, concave to pommel
18 stretched “wheel” form
19 “cat’s head”
20 “pear” shaped