April Fools


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The original pranksters. The Sidhe, the fey, fairies, whatever you want to call them have launched pranks against humanity for centuries long before the invention of April Fools day.  From the brownies that make shoes, to will’o’wisps that take travelers on long journeys through the forest.

In honor of these creatures here’s a table to help you play them up a bit more.

(Noun) (Appearance) is going to give you, your: surly metallic skinned humanoid with bat wings.

(Location) (Purpose) is a good combination to give you a fey that lives in/near ovens that turns water into wine!

(Trigger) (Location) (Action) is your random encounter.  Someone stealing wine in/near a birds nest could lead you to seeing a fey that is washing the clothes of a soon to be dead enemy.

1d10 Noun 3d4-2 Appearance
1 evil 1 a halfman – half other creature
2 greedy 2 a metallic toned humanoid
3 surly 3 grotesquely malformed humanoid
4 drunk 4 a colored humanoid
5 happy 5 a (1d4 Appearance) with fairy wings
6 cheerful 6 a (1d4 Appearance) with bat wings
7 devious 7 a creature the size of another creature
8 serious 8 a creature with fairy wings
9 silly 9 a creature with bat wings
10 forlorn 10 a creature with the body part of a humanoid
2d8-1 Location 2d8-1 Trigger
1 side of a stream 1 falls asleep
2 under a bridge 2 someone is about to die
3 in/near an oven 3 someone is stealing wine
4 in/near a birds nest 4 unsoled shoes are left out
5 in/near piles of unshorn wool 5 chokes on food
6 in/near a pool of water 6 slips on ice
7 in/near the bedroom 7 is rained upon at dawn
8 in/near a treasure horde 8 falls on a path
9 in/near the stables 9 pickled foodstuffs are left out
10 in/near shoes 10 full moon
11 abandoned rabbit holes 11 solar eclipse
12 in/near the refuse pit 12 someone laughs at an inopportune time
13 in/near blackberry bushes 13 a sword is drawn
14 in/near cool dank dark places 14 a song is sung or an instrument is played
15 in/near top hats 15 casts a spell
2d8-1 Action 1d10 Purpose
1 crawls down the throat and feeds off their last meal leaving them hungry 1 washes the clothes of the soon to be deceased
2 unties shoelaces 2 escort the dead to the afterlife
3 tinkles like the ringing of a silver bell 3 protect valuables
4 remove the metal shoes off of creatures 4 pester children
5 knowingly dispenses bad advice 5 protect similarly aligned individuals
6 follows around and sings sea chanties 6 stack coins
7 sprinkles perfume on enemies 7 soles or resoles shoes
8 cries like a newborn baby 8 turns water into wine
9 changes the color of trespassers clothing 9 grooms animals
10 turns metal into wood 10 tailor clothes
11 leaves a path of bread into the wilderness
12 sings lullabies to entice trespassers to sleep
13 tickles anyone with a drawn weapon
14 causes a rain cloud to rain upon trespassers
15 makes trespassers sneeze continuously