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TST: Numismatics

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A TableSmith Tuesday post!  Huzzah!  I have returned.  That thing called work, interrupted me yet again, but I am an amateur blogger so it comes and goes.  Originally the idea had been to be finished with in time for Halloween, but that fell through.  Right now I am determined to work finish this new ‘Hoard Project’ for the Month of October.  As part of the October RPG Blog Carnival.  Here is the first TableSmith Tuesday post on the project.  You can get the Table here.

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Numismatics for plot advantages

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Beginning back here I began a challenge to craft a set of tables that can be used as the basis of the Hoard Project, where random tables build the basis for making loot part of the plot. Where better to begin that journey then with the most common type of loot? Coinage! And who better to turn to find out about coinage, then the Numismatic community! Each collection of coins has a story. Mainly, WHY? Why was it collected? That’s for you the DM to decide, my job is to give you a basis to begin building that story.

1d6 Size Amount of Coins
1 Tiny 1d10
2 Small 1d10x20
3 Medium 1d10x50
4 Big 4d10x100
5 Large Pile 10d10x100
6 Huge Pile 10d10x1000
1d6 Condition 1d6 Age
Read More 1 Ancient
1 Circulated – Heavily 2 Antiquated
2 Circulated – Lightly 3 Old
3 About Uncirculated 4 Outdated
4 Mint State – Slightly Blemished 5 Modern
5 Mint State – Perfect 6 Freshly-Minted
6 Proof – Perfect
1d10 Organization 1d4 Collection Type
1 Piles Read More
2 Scattered 1 Year Collection
3 Bagged up in pouches 2 Mark Collection
4 Stored in Chests 3 Type Collection
5 Stacks 4 Composition
6 Bundled
7 Heaped
8 Pyramid
9 Mound
10 Stored in Barrels
1d4 Mark

1 Rulers Face
2 Animal
3 Memorial
4 Religious

Where do you go from here to make the coins more interesting? Well, I always keep a table of the Nations, and Countries of my world handy. So now I know where it’s from. Then deciding what type of coin it is will help. There are many other things that can make coins interesting: Size, Shape, Color, Miscellaneous Features: Dates, Location, Quotes, Shapes in the Coin.

October RPG Blog Carnival Challenge

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Two thoughts intersected this afternoon in my head. My first thought and the foreword to my first Random Table post in a while was this:

After reading so many posts on the Loot edition of the carnival, and the many naysayers, I set myself out this month to publish 2 tables a week about loot. I am setting out to show that the basic humdrum tables normally found around, of course are not going to be very helpful, and are going to give you well, random loot. But by building tables with a purpose, and rules, you can build an emergent story from the random table.

The second thought was earlier this morning when I read about the NaGaDeMon. Which intersected nicely with a project that I was going to begin working on this month.  So I am challenging myself to create a set of tables, and a system to help create a Hoard.

So, here’s what I am going to do for October, I am going to publish posts under a subject I will call The Hoard. The goal of this will be to pull together the many aspects of a treasure hoard, give it rules, and guidelines, and create a cohesive story (and Stat Block) about the treasure hoard. I will use the TST column with this project to be able to produce a table that you can use at anytime to generate your own Hoard.

The Hoard Project:

  1.  Origins
    1. Creation
    2. Accumulation
    3. Provenance
  2.  Loot
    1. Coin Piles
    2. Decoratives
    3. Trade Goods
    4. Mundanes
    5. Miscellaneous
  3. Consequences
    1. Economic
    2. Social
    3. Physical

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention that while doing some research on this project that I came across ALMOST EXACTLY what I wanted to do.  That Document comes from Hack Slash.  Proving that Random Tables can be used to create an interesting cohesive treasure.

Loot, the consequences.

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What happens when the adventurers show up with a bunch of loot from their latest victory? Lots can and should happen. There are severe consequences for obtaining great wealth in a short amount of time and not building wealth slowly and industriously. A quick Google search for lottery winner stories will regale you with amazing stories of these unfortunate folks. And should help inspire even more ideas on how to make the characters lives harder after acquiring that dragon’s hoard worth of gold.

Some people call it the “Lottery Curse”, but in reality is just simple greed.  Greed from people you know well, from people you don’t know, and people who believe that you owe them something.  Don’t forget about temples, guilds, or organizations that feel like they deserve a reward for helping them out during their formative years.

So here you go here’s a quick d20 table for you to use to inspire what can happen to your PC’s when they return with carts loads of (hopefully) randomly generated loot!

d20 Effects of Enormous Loot entering the Economy
1 Increased prices at all shops and taverns in the town.
2 Offers of swag and incentives for the players to stay at an Inn or visit shops.
3 Increased thieving activities in the area or specifically at the adventurers.
4 Expectations of a roman style victory triumph where the heroes host an event and are expected to gift prominent people.
5 Concierge shoppers visiting the PC’s to offer their services.
6 Henchmen trying to become party members.
7 The tax man cometh with a heavy compliment of guards.
8 Offers of marriage are being proffered into the PCs.
9 Cries for charity from the homeless and downtrodden.
10 Family members appearing out nowhere asking for charity.
11 Increased offers of gambling or prostitution.
12 Royal Decree that the wealth belongs to the crown.
13 Family members and friends being hunted down, and kidnapped or murdered for money.
14 Lawsuits brought against the party by ‘true’ owners of the treasure.
15 Government positions granted on a quid pro quo basis.
16 Inflationary prices affect all purchases and sales.
17 Money Changers refuse to exchange coin for the PCs or do so at exorbitant prices.
18 Social responsibilities fall on the PC’s beyond their wants or needs.
19 PC’s gain fame and can no longer go out without being recognized.
20 Adventuring groups start coming to town to repeat the successes of the PC’s.

d10 reasons Monte Cook returned to WotC

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  • 1 – Pathfinders crushing success over 4E
  • 2 – Saying DoT made Gygax roll over in his grave.
  • 3 – the Eberron line is finally getting killed
  • 4 – A pie, and an Orc, in a room
  • 5 – Mike Mearls got promoted, and there needed to be TSR continuity
  • 6 – WotC won’t have to license Ptolus
  • 7 – Decent Content for NWN
  • 8 – got in the way of world domination.
  • 9 – Marley got tired of going for walks, and just wanted to lay around the house.
  • 10 – Renton, Washington needs it’s celebrity back.
  • Bonus (11) – Kobold Quarterly kept turning down his submissions.

RandomDM got rocked like a hurricane!

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Alright all you pesky readers.  I know you’ve been waiting for this one a lot longer than normal.  But there’s been a couple of things tying up my time.  In my free time, I’ve been working on getting ready for the reunion that we are planning for the Mud that I am an admin on.  Yes, it’s true.  I STILL Mud.  It has drained what little free time the day job allows
me these days.  And then, well here’s the post, and you’ll understand the other reason:

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Where Weather and Graveyards meet, work ensues.

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Yup, well, you know. Tuesdays are becoming more and more difficult to get my posts up on. I could blame work, or that thing called life, but instead I’ll blame the bastards that invented the calendar and made these ‘day’ things. Last week I prompted myself with where I wanted to go this week on TST: Graveyard edition.

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