Miscellaneous Tables

One of the best things about Tablesmith is that it becomes much more complex and interesting when you start mixing tables.  You can easily cross-link hundreds if not thousands of tables to expand a simple table into a much more advanced and extensive table.  With that in mind, as I add more miscellaneous tables that will be reused across multiple tables I’ll add them to this page.


2 thoughts on “Miscellaneous Tables

    JB Willers said:
    June 29, 2011 at 4:39 am

    (Tried to e-mail you directly but am WordPress-illiterate)

    Was pondering after reading up on Campaignmatery.com etc on the whole campaign thing and 9 steps for dramatic structure etc.

    Would it be possible to create “fixed” variable (for a lack of a better name) for a campaign and the based random tables around that.

    For example:
    A campaign includes three PC’s : Conan, Robin and Xena. They are fighting the evil Xur and his Kodan Armada and are trying to help princess Leia. [Eesh…cliche heaven]

    OK …so after storing basic names, classes and basic facts, DM can use modified tables to create results. eg. from Random Encounter
    [xxx] = Standard TS table
    [*xxx] = Stored Info

    “The party passes a [cemetary] on the way to [*Londinium]. [*Conan] the [*Warrior/Thief] notices hidden stairs leading down to a crypt. Enscribed into the stone arch is the symbol of [*Xur]. [*Xena] [fails] to notice a [poison needle] trap and [*Robin] is poisoned for [4 rounds x 1d3 dmg].”

    Advanced option/add-on:
    “[If one of the party members is a cleric]
    [Party Member Cleric] heals [poison party member] from poison.
    [Random party member] tries in vain to stops the effects of the poison

    Does any of this make sense? and do you think this might work?

      TheRandomDM responded:
      June 29, 2011 at 6:39 am

      Rxmouton commented about writing data to a data file and being able to call that throughout various tables. That would work with this concept.

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