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Here it goes, we’ve moved to www.therandomdm.com

Check out the new site, and if for some reason you aren’t automatically re-directed, there’s the link at the top!


Some afterhoard thoughts – looking fowards too.

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So, of course stumbling around looking @ my stats I noticed the link from Mithril & Mages, and I had this one on the backburner for awhile, I am going to upgrade to a paid account/selfhosting so I can do some more widgets, stat tracking, and more! Mostly I want to get some php and mysql live so that I can get some of these tables as actual generators. I know there are a lot of ‘generator’ sites out there, but I want my own!

Never fear though, I will continue posting the tables as I have, because I think its a unique concept and while some OSR’ers are posting this or that table, noone FOCUSES on random tables like me!

But what I will do is integrate some coolness into it. Much like Digital Orc did with the google spreadsheet; I’ll create user input interfaces for the generator, so that the audience can input more details and make it robust.

So that’s something to look forward too when this Hoard project wraps up here at the end of the month.

d10 reasons Monte Cook returned to WotC

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  • 1 – Pathfinders crushing success over 4E
  • 2 – Saying DoT made Gygax roll over in his grave.
  • 3 – the Eberron line is finally getting killed
  • 4 – A pie, and an Orc, in a room
  • 5 – Mike Mearls got promoted, and there needed to be TSR continuity
  • 6 – WotC won’t have to license Ptolus
  • 7 – Decent Content for NWN
  • 8 – Dungeonaday.com got in the way of world domination.
  • 9 – Marley got tired of going for walks, and just wanted to lay around the house.
  • 10 – Renton, Washington needs it’s celebrity back.
  • Bonus (11) – Kobold Quarterly kept turning down his submissions.

Internal Time Travel Consistency? It’s Timey-Whimey Ball!

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“Theorizing that one could time travel within his own lifetime, Doctor Sam Beckett stepped into the Quantum Leap accelerator – and vanished. He awoke to find himself trapped in the past, facing mirror images that were not his own, and driven by an unknown force to change history for the better. His only guide on this journey is Al, an observer from his own time, who appears in the form of a hologram that only Sam can see and hear. And so Doctor Beckett finds himself leaping from life to life, striving to put right what once went wrong and hoping each time that his next leap… will be the leap home.”
Quantum Leap Opening

Over at RoleplayingTips it was suggested; You might as well roll on a table to see what happens next. Well, that’s sounds like a challenge to TheRandomDM. Because yes; We love to roll on a table to see what happens next. And as you might have gathered from the leading quote, the Tip was in regards to Time Travel, and how to run a Time Travel Campaign that had internal consistency. Well my Consistency is the Timey-Wimey Ball. And you can take that continuity knot, because armed with the “Wild Stallion Rule”, the “ME Squad”, and “Future Google” I’ll “Superman Spin”, the crap out of your “You Can’t Fight Fate” Timeline.
1d8 Episode Trope
1 You Can’t Fight Fate
Characters go to the future! They must get back to their own time and prevent the future from going horribly horribly wrong.
2 Set Right What Once Went Wrong
Characters go to the past! Again, this is usually to “fix” the future- that is, the characters’ “present.”
3 Make Wrong What Once Was Right
Characters go to the past! But… not to fix the present or future. They want to change the events in some way, to favor themselves or their employer.
4 Stable Time Loop
Characters go to the past! And in the past, they turn out to be responsible for the events that led to their “present.”
5 Reset Button
The characters go through a world of crap, or somebody “changes history”, and they resort to time travel to fix it.
6 Trapped In the Past
The characters are stuck in another time with no way of return and must choose between quietly living out their lives without changing history or working to change the world to their (and the natives’) benefit.
7 Alternate Universe
The characters time-travel has split their universe in twain. There’s the universe they’re in (that’s they’ve “changed”) and the universe they’re not in.
8 Temporal Paradox
Characters go to the future! Upon returning to the past, they are able to fight fate and prevent the events of the future from occurring.
1d6 Temporal Mutability
1 You Already Changed the Past
Past, present, and future are an immutable whole. Consequently all time travel to the past results in the creation of a Stable Time Loop, by virtue of the fact that the past—including the interference of all those time travelers—already happened.
2 Enforced Immutability
In theory, the past could be changed, but some force stymies anyone who tries. Maybe Time Police or Clock Roaches menace anyone who violates the Temporal Prime Directive, or maybe the past can only be visited via Intangible Time Travel.
3 Rubber Band History
Time is mostly immutable, like a wide river following a well-worn path. Travelers can make changes to the past, but these changes inevitably get smoothed over by the passing years.
4 Temporal Balancing Act
There’s no rubber band, so there’s nothing to prevent you from making major, permanent changes to the past if you want to. But at the same time, it’s possible for a conscientious time traveler like yourself to leave the past exactly as you found it.
5 Temporal ChaosTheory
The Butterfly Effect is in full force. Simply by being in the past in the first place, you alter the past, both overtly and in ways too subtle to notice. And these changes inevitably snowball, eventually rendering the Present or Future (almost) completely unrecognizable.
6 Branching Timelines
Your time-traveling causes a new timeline to split off the original, and both timelines exist (if only temporarily) as Alternate Universes of each other.
1d8 Temporal Tricks
1 Wild Stallion Rule
Anything you need to have at hand, is at hand. Be Excellent, Ted!
2 Future Google
Or could it be a Future Bing Decision Machine? Got a question? The Future has your answers
3 Instant Guitar Lessons
Much like Future Google, if you need a skill you can train yourself in the future or the past, and be instantly proficient
4 Me Squad
A single thought or a note can send all your future selves to be your cavalary. Woe be the time traveler who can’t call on the Me Squad
5 The Ouch Idea!
Let’s say you have a rectangular block. It’s three units tall, one unit deep, and one unit wide. You flip it over. Now it’s one unit tall, one unit deep, and two units wide. Now add time the 4th Dimension
6 This is my Boomstick
Future Tech is indistinguishable from Magic
7 Time Traveler’s Immortality
If it’s not an instant-kill, there’s a way around it
8 Tomorrow’s Tech Today
Quantum Death Gun? Check. Chameleon forcefield that stops everything? Check. Anything that is more powerful than what you have? It’s in my dimensional hole of goody stuff.
1d4 Time Line Laws
1 Can’t Take Anything With You
2 Hitlers Time Line Exemption
3 Never the Selves Shall Meet
4 Only One Me Allowed Right Now

1d6 Time Travel Methods
1 Superman Spin Control
2 Faster Than Light Travel
3 Black Hole Travel
4 Einstein-Rosen Bridges
5 Unobtanium Material
6 The Great handwavey Device

Welcome to the Random DM

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It’s simple. 

20 Options.

One Die.

A world of options.

This blog is about one thing:  Random Tables for you and your campaign.  Inspired by posts at GM-Mastery I finally got off my duff and decided to write a blog about my experiences with Random Generators.  Most of my creations are inspired by; my own world, and by my own creations for the Tablesmith tables.