An Arched Nave leads to the Raised Chancel Holding the Remains of a Saint

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It’s been two weeks since my last table.  I was striving so hard to get on a bi-weekly posting schedule when I came upon my theme for April; Dungeons – Randomly.  I have long been inspired by Rogue-Like games and the emergent behavior that comes from randomness.  And of course the basis of all Rogue-Like games is the dungeon itself.

I explored the methodologies of dungeon creation employed and started, restarted, re-thunk, re-thought, and re-explored the way that I was trying to go to develop this massive undertaking of random joy! And finally settled on a bottom-up rather then a top down approach.

One of great ideas for random generation of dungeons in some of the RL’s is the use of themes, and sub-themes for each level of generation.  These themes can be broken down into three major categories: Storage, Lair, Work.

Storage would include areas from Crypts (Storage of Bodies) to Vaults (Storage of Treasure).

Lairs would include areas from a goblin warren to a dragon den.

The Work section is perhaps the most interesting when it comes down to describing sections of a dungeon.   Mines are a work zone, underground agriculture mold farms are work zones, hidden mage complexes are work zones, and lastly temples are work zones.  RandomDM thusly presents:  Random Churches!  I’ll note that no prejudice is implied by the vocabulary of the table.  Easily accessible internet resources are already biased to a certain vocabulary and this table reflects that fact.

1d6 Nave Features 2d4-1 Wall Decorations

(Path from Entrance to altar) 1 verse depictions
1 pews line the nave 2 stained glass mirrors
2 statues line the nave 3 statues of important figures
3 arches line the nave 4 stark and barren
4 columns line the nave 5 sheathed in mineral foil
5 the nave is vaulted 6 intricate stone work
6 is an empty prayer hall 7 intricate paintings
1d6 Choir Features 2d3-1 Chancel Features

(Seating for the Clergy)
(Choir area for Important Clergy)
1 simplistic pews 1 raised above the nave
2 ornate pews 2 sunk below the nave
3 simplistic choir stalls 3 ritual tool storage
4 ornate choir stalls 4 shielded from the nave
5 simplistic benches 5 sacred relic resting spot
6 ornate benches
1d6 Lectern 1d6 Font
1 attached 1 small basin
2 a solid piece of material 2 large bath
3 animal motif 3 medium tub
4 oversized 4 fountain
5 ornate inlays 5 portable (1d4 font)
6 verse depiction 6 made of valuable minerals (1d4 font)
1d10 Purpose
Other Features
1 Relic Holding/Display 1 Minarets
2 Crypt/Tomb 2 Pulpit
3 Specific Ritual 3 Crypt
4 Daily Worship 4 Singular Tomb
5 Seat of Power 5 Relic
6 A Sect of main religion 6 Divination Focus
7 Pilgramage Site 7 Housing for Priest
8 Seminary 8 Barracks for Holy Warriors
9 Lecture/Educational focus 9 Repurposed from different religion
10 Monastary 10 Previously Descecrated
11 Library
12 Scriptorium
1d8 Facing 2d3-1 Sizing
1 faces east 1 is ‘small’ sized
2 faces west 2 is ‘medium’ sized
3 faces north 3 is ‘large’ sized
4 faces south 4 is ‘huge’ sized
5 faces NE 5 is ‘gargantuan’ sized
6 faces NW
7 faces SE
8 faces SW