An Arched Nave leads to the Raised Chancel Holding the Remains of a Saint

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It’s been two weeks since my last table.  I was striving so hard to get on a bi-weekly posting schedule when I came upon my theme for April; Dungeons – Randomly.  I have long been inspired by Rogue-Like games and the emergent behavior that comes from randomness.  And of course the basis of all Rogue-Like games is the dungeon itself.

I explored the methodologies of dungeon creation employed and started, restarted, re-thunk, re-thought, and re-explored the way that I was trying to go to develop this massive undertaking of random joy! And finally settled on a bottom-up rather then a top down approach.

One of great ideas for random generation of dungeons in some of the RL’s is the use of themes, and sub-themes for each level of generation.  These themes can be broken down into three major categories: Storage, Lair, Work.

Storage would include areas from Crypts (Storage of Bodies) to Vaults (Storage of Treasure).

Lairs would include areas from a goblin warren to a dragon den.

The Work section is perhaps the most interesting when it comes down to describing sections of a dungeon.   Mines are a work zone, underground agriculture mold farms are work zones, hidden mage complexes are work zones, and lastly temples are work zones.  RandomDM thusly presents:  Random Churches!  I’ll note that no prejudice is implied by the vocabulary of the table.  Easily accessible internet resources are already biased to a certain vocabulary and this table reflects that fact.

1d6 Nave Features 2d4-1 Wall Decorations

(Path from Entrance to altar) 1 verse depictions
1 pews line the nave 2 stained glass mirrors
2 statues line the nave 3 statues of important figures
3 arches line the nave 4 stark and barren
4 columns line the nave 5 sheathed in mineral foil
5 the nave is vaulted 6 intricate stone work
6 is an empty prayer hall 7 intricate paintings
1d6 Choir Features 2d3-1 Chancel Features

(Seating for the Clergy)
(Choir area for Important Clergy)
1 simplistic pews 1 raised above the nave
2 ornate pews 2 sunk below the nave
3 simplistic choir stalls 3 ritual tool storage
4 ornate choir stalls 4 shielded from the nave
5 simplistic benches 5 sacred relic resting spot
6 ornate benches
1d6 Lectern 1d6 Font
1 attached 1 small basin
2 a solid piece of material 2 large bath
3 animal motif 3 medium tub
4 oversized 4 fountain
5 ornate inlays 5 portable (1d4 font)
6 verse depiction 6 made of valuable minerals (1d4 font)
1d10 Purpose
Other Features
1 Relic Holding/Display 1 Minarets
2 Crypt/Tomb 2 Pulpit
3 Specific Ritual 3 Crypt
4 Daily Worship 4 Singular Tomb
5 Seat of Power 5 Relic
6 A Sect of main religion 6 Divination Focus
7 Pilgramage Site 7 Housing for Priest
8 Seminary 8 Barracks for Holy Warriors
9 Lecture/Educational focus 9 Repurposed from different religion
10 Monastary 10 Previously Descecrated
11 Library
12 Scriptorium
1d8 Facing 2d3-1 Sizing
1 faces east 1 is ‘small’ sized
2 faces west 2 is ‘medium’ sized
3 faces north 3 is ‘large’ sized
4 faces south 4 is ‘huge’ sized
5 faces NE 5 is ‘gargantuan’ sized
6 faces NW
7 faces SE
8 faces SW

Westportian Arena Matches (Part 1)

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One of the core adventuring concepts in the Westport Campaign Setting is the power and political whirlwind that surrounds the Arena. Because of this the players are often ready to ‘Enter the Arena’ at any given moment. It’s also very lucrative for the character financially, if they win of course. So I needed a quick way to generate an arena match for the players.

A couple of key concepts are always reliable in the Arena, there will always be some sort of pit, and there will always be Power-up points. Here is the skeleton of the Arena Matches:

2d4-1 Type of Battle
1d6 Team Battles
1 Mythological enactment   1 King of the Hill
2 Historical re-enactment   2 Last Team Standing
3 Team vs. Team   3 Kill to Death Ratio
4 Open Melee   4 Capture the Flag
5 Beast Battle   5 Storm the Castle
6 Naval Battle   6 Damage Output
  (Re-roll 1d4 Type of Battle)      
7 Aerial Battle      
  (Re-roll 1d4 Type of Battle)      
1d4 Death Rules
1d6 Power-Ups
1 Re-Pop’s (1d6)   1 +2 Str
2 One Death   2 +2 Dex
3 Delayed Re-Pop (1d6)   3 +2 Con
4 Total Team Re-Pop (2d4)   4 Physical Healing
      5 Power Healing
      6 Magical Affect
2d3-1 Magical Affect
2d3-1 Flight Rules
1 Hasted   1 No Flight
2 Armored   2 ¼ Ht of the Arena
3 Hard Hitter   3 ½ Ht of the Arena
4 Acrobatic   4 ¾ Ht of the Arena
5 Flight   5 Full Flight

Random Monastaries

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Playing a monk, or need a quick monastery for that little castle of solitude. Well here you go:

1, very small 1d3 times for buildings
2, small 1d4 times for buildings
3, medium 2d4 times for buildings
4, large 2d6 times for buildings
5, huge 2d8 times for buildings
6, enormous 3d6 times for Buildings
Types of Buildings (Re-Roll Duplicates)  
1, Dormitory  
2, Dining Hall,  
3, Training Arena,  
4, Great Hall  
5, Meditation Building  
6, Classrooms  
7, A visitors cell block  
8, Smithy  
10 ,Stables  
11, Conservatory  
12, Greenhouse  
13, Aviary  
14, Meeting Hall  
15, Prayer shack  
16, Infirmary  
17, Cloister  
18, Scribe Office  
19, A temple  
20, Brewery  
1,no walls  
2, simple fence around the compound  
3, low stone wall around the compound  
4, small wooden fortification around the compound  
5, large wooden fortification around the compound  
6, stone fortification around the compound  
Water Features Pond
1, there are not any water features in the compound 1, Koi Pond
2, there is one small water feature, it is a 2, Meditation Pond
3, there is a medium water feature, it is a 3, Creek
4, there is a large water feature, it is a 4, Lily Pond
5, there is a small and medium water feature, they are; (Roll twice) 5, Fountain
6, there is a small and large water feature, they are; (Roll twice) 6, Gurgling Pond
  7, Babbling Brook
  8, Sitting Pond
Gardens Garden
1, are no gardens 1, Rose Garden
2, is one small garden, it is a 2, Cherry Orchard
3, is a medium garden, it is a 3, Oak grove
4, is a large garden, it is a 4, Herb Garden
5, are a small and medium garden, they are; (Roll Twice) 5, Vegetable Garden
6, are small and large garden, they are; (Roll Twice) 6, Rock Garden
7, are medium and large garden, they are; (Roll Twice) 7, Hedge Maze
8, are two small gardens, they are; (Roll Twice) 8, Tulip Garden
9, are two medium gardens, they are; (Roll Twice)  
1, can’t afford a library  
2, maintains a very small library  
3, has a small library  
4, has built a medium library  
5, has built a large collection of books for their large library  
6, has an outstanding huge library