Westportian Arena Matches (Part 1)

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One of the core adventuring concepts in the Westport Campaign Setting is the power and political whirlwind that surrounds the Arena. Because of this the players are often ready to ‘Enter the Arena’ at any given moment. It’s also very lucrative for the character financially, if they win of course. So I needed a quick way to generate an arena match for the players.

A couple of key concepts are always reliable in the Arena, there will always be some sort of pit, and there will always be Power-up points. Here is the skeleton of the Arena Matches:

2d4-1 Type of Battle
1d6 Team Battles
1 Mythological enactment   1 King of the Hill
2 Historical re-enactment   2 Last Team Standing
3 Team vs. Team   3 Kill to Death Ratio
4 Open Melee   4 Capture the Flag
5 Beast Battle   5 Storm the Castle
6 Naval Battle   6 Damage Output
  (Re-roll 1d4 Type of Battle)      
7 Aerial Battle      
  (Re-roll 1d4 Type of Battle)      
1d4 Death Rules
1d6 Power-Ups
1 Re-Pop’s (1d6)   1 +2 Str
2 One Death   2 +2 Dex
3 Delayed Re-Pop (1d6)   3 +2 Con
4 Total Team Re-Pop (2d4)   4 Physical Healing
      5 Power Healing
      6 Magical Affect
2d3-1 Magical Affect
2d3-1 Flight Rules
1 Hasted   1 No Flight
2 Armored   2 ¼ Ht of the Arena
3 Hard Hitter   3 ½ Ht of the Arena
4 Acrobatic   4 ¾ Ht of the Arena
5 Flight   5 Full Flight