There’s an Ossuary in your

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This week we continue to build our epic  We have continued to build the foundation of our table and are still.  By defining our various elements and variables that we want and need, we are providing for the flexibility of really detailed description building.

Here’s where we are at so far:

1,%graveyard_name%, in %city%, %nation%, is a %size_of_burials%.
_It is %age% and %upkeep%.
#_ as well as %additional_features%.

If, you have followed the build you might have noticed that I shifted the history_of_graveyard down a line, since last week because I want to work on it, and have it display after we get the description of the graveyard.

Additional Features. When writing a new table I tend to spend a lot of my development time with google, and Wikipedia, and just kind of hopscotched across the Internets in search of inspiration. With the Additional Features grouping what I am looking for are buildings, or structures that appear in real life cemetaries.

1,religious building
1,caretakers building
1,war memorial
1,columbarium wall

See, now that was just a simple information dump from Wikipedia and google search into a simple group. Now what I see in here is that I don’t want the table to just generate a ‘graveyard’. I want it to become a little more dynamic. I want to be able to have different types of ‘graveyards’. A simple table continues to become more complicated the more you build it.

;Type of Burial Places
1,catacombs |description_of_graveyard = [Catacomb Description]|
1,crypt |description_of_graveyard = [Crypt Description]|
1,necropolis |description_of_graveyard = [Necropolis Description]|
1,cemetary |description_of_graveyard = [Cemetary Description]|
1,graveyard |description_of_graveyard = [Graveyard Description]|

;Additional Features
1,religious building
1,caretakers building
1,war memorial
1,columbarium wall
1,cross of sacrifice
1,stone of rememberance
1,entrance gate

Now this table is starting to get some depth and is starting to make some interesting output. And we’ve turned a corner here in determining that there are different types of burial places and based on that we are going to get a different description of the graveyard. Thinking ahead, and with a little help from JB, I know that before I get to building the descriptions I need to generate some atmosphere variables.

Here are the ones that I want:


And let’s go a little backwards here:

|graveyard_upkeep_description = it is {AorAn~[Upkeep]} [Age] site.|
|headstone_upkeep_description = A cursory glance shows that the [Age] are [Upkeep].|

… the rest of the atmosphere variables we will go into next week.


One thought on “There’s an Ossuary in your

    allensrepositoryofstuff said:
    July 14, 2011 at 4:34 pm

    This has been a neat table to watch being built. I look forward to future updates.

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