Does this blade fit that Hilt? There might be a random chance!

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Last weeks table dealt with Hilts, but a sword is not just a hilt now is it?  But can the blade be as interesting as that hilt?  Of course it can.  You have the Fuller, and the Tang, you have the Cross-Section and so many different pieces!  Why would we continue to just call a sword a sword?  A sword is so much more, and each sword is unique and special as a snowflake.  While the mechanics may not change, if our goal as GM’s is to build a story and paint a picture with words, why wouldn’t we be more descriptive about the magical sword +Whatever?  So, to answer that question I give you the second installment of the RandomDM’s swords series!

1d10 Sword Type
1 Bastard Sword
2 Cutlass
3 Long Sword
4 Rapier
5 Sabre
6 Scimitar
7 Short Sword
8 Great Sword
9 Falchion
10 Claymore
2d3-1 Fuller Top (Hi) (wikipedia)
1 A continuous straight groove of notable width
2 Two parallel grooves
3 A groove shaped like the leaf of an iris plant
4 Two thing grooves that run the top half of the blade
5 A short rounded-top groove found near the bottome of the blade
1d4 Fuller Bottom (Tome) (wikipedia)
1 Groove runs all the way down to the end of the tang
2 Groove stops as a square end within 3cm of the tang’s upper end
3 Groove is rounded within 3cm of th tang’s upper end
4 Groove tapers to a pointed end halfway down the tang
1d4 Fuller Length (wikipedia)
1 One fourth of the blade
2 One half of the blade
3 Three-fourths of the blade
4 Complete length of the blade
1d6 Tang (wikipedia)
1 Full tang
2 Half tang
3 Encapsulated tang
4 Push tang
5 Hidden tang
6 Stub tang
1d8 Blade Cross-Section (myArmoury)
1 Lenticular
2 Diamond
3 Hollow Ground
4 Hexagonal
5 Narrow-fullered
6 Double-fullered
7 Broad-fullered
8 Opposing Fullers
1d8 Describe Blade Condition
1 The blade is in excellent shape.
2 The blade has some nicks and dings.
3 The blade has been chipped and scratched.
4 The blade has some moderate damage.
5 The blade has begun to rust.
6 The blade is rusty.
7 The blade is pitted.
8 The blade is in no shape to be used

One thought on “Does this blade fit that Hilt? There might be a random chance!

    […] that caught my eye was from the random dm. The recent posts covered sword construction from hilts, blades and fullers and ornamentation and engravings. The topic was interesting and he’s done a fair amount of […]

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