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Crime Syndicates of the RandomDM

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TheRandomDM’s current campaign is based in his long developed city of Talos, and the players are rogue characters who are aiming to bring the disparate parts of the Talosian crime world under the leadership of a singular Guild structure.  But every time they try to stop, destroy, infiltrate, absorb, or even interact with one Criminal Enterprise, they come upon another.  And detailing many different crime syndicates can be very difficult.  So what do we turn too?  Random Tables!  This is my quick and dirty little table that lets me have a group ready to go in-case the players go another way.

2d8-1 Criminal Enterprise Power $$
1 Burglary 1 4
2 Drug Manufacturing 2 5
3 Drug Trafficking 5 3
4 Extortion 5 4
5 Prostitution 1 1
6 Robbery 1 1
7 Kidnapping 3 2
8 Blackmail 3 4
9 Fencing 1 3
10 Smuggling 3 3
11 Rackettering 4 2
12 Illegal Gambling 2 4
13 Roll twice on Enterprise +3 +4
14 First Roll: Previous Enterprise
Second Roll Current Enterprise
15 First Roll: Current Enterprise
Second Roll Newest Enterprise
1d12 Ward of Operation Power $$
1 Dock Ward 2 2
2 Industrial Ward 2 2
3 North Ward 3 4
4 East Ward 3 3
5 West Ward 3 4
6 South Ward 2 4
7 Central Ward 5 6
8 Linar Ward 1 1
9 Plasii Ward 1 1
10 Capos Ward 1 1
11 Atkens Ward 1 1
12 Roll Twice on Ward List +2 +3
1d6 Leadership Organization Power $$
1 Single Leader, acknowledged 3 0
2 Single Leader, covert 1 0
3 Dual Leaders, both actively involved 2 0
0 Dual Leaders, one is covert 2 0
5 Dual Leaders, both acknowledged 4 0
6 Council Leadership 1 0
1d8 Leaders Class* 1d8 Operation Methodology
1 Barbarian 1 Violent
2 Bard 2 Clandestine
3 Fighter 3 Lurid
4 Monk 4 Calculating
5 Ranger 5 Ruthless
6 Rogue 6 Grim
7 Sorceror 7 Insidious
8 Wizard 8 Caper’ish
4d3-3 Size of Operation Dice Power $$
1 Fine 1d4 0 0
2 Diminutive 1d6 1 0
3 Tiny 1d8 2 1
4 Small 1d10 3 2
5 Medium 2d8+10 4 3
6 Large 4d10+20 5 4
7 Huge 6d12+40 6 5
8 Gargantuan 8d10+60 7 6
9 Colossal 10d12 +100 8 7
1d4 Base of Operations** Power $$
1 none 0 0
2 common room 0 0
3 shared space with a ‘front’ operation 2 2
4 guild house 4 4
* The Class of the Leader Determines the Methodology of
operations. A Barbarian Leader is going to be very forward
while a Wizard Leader is going to use magic to their
** Any Operation over the size of Medium has a guild house
and does not need to roll on this table

Crops grow on Corpses? Welcome to Underground Agriculture!

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For civilization to rise, a stable supply of food needs to be harvested . Drow, Druegar, Illithids, they also need to have a source of fruits, grains, and vegetables.  One of the most important factors that differentiate farmers on the surface from the farmers under the surface is the source of energy that they need to grow their crops.  There is no sun to shine down. These civilizations have discovered types of energy that will help them grow their crops and do not require significant labor cost.

Many different methods of agriculture have risen out of different needs and different conditions around the world.  From Raised Fields in places where the ground is too hard to plow, to floating fields where nutrients come from the lake bed beneath the surface!  Terraced fields are popular in mountainous regions, while irrigation or canal farming is popular in places where rivers ravage across the land.   You will also note that links in the table lead to our Miscellaneous tables to help expand the options that you have when it comes to growing crops.

2d4-1 Water Supply 2d4-1 Energy Source
1 underground river 1 rocks
2 underground lake 2 moss
3 drilled well 3 minerals
4 condesation dripping from above 4 magma pool
5 clay pot irrigation 5 decomposing remains
6 decomposing remains 6 phospherant (1d3 Energy Source)
7 waterfall 7 magical (1d3 Energy Source)
1d6 Type of Farming
1 raised field the field is raised above the cavern floor
2 irrigation fields the fields are fed by irrigation canals
3 mixed cropping two different crops are grown in the same field
4 crop rotation the fields are kept fertile by letting an odd field lie fallow
5 terraced fields have been cut from the stone to create terrace
6 floating fields the fields float on a body of water.
1d4 Type of Agriculture 2d3-1 Labor Organization
1 mushrooms 1 Slave Labor
2 grain 2 Familial Unit
3 fruits 3 Community Farming
4 vegetables 4 Tenant Farming
5 Magical Labor
1d8 Associated Buildings

1 cistern
2 threshing hut
3 juice presses
4 grain elevator
5 barn
6 nursery
7 mill house
8 farm house

Miscellaneous – Agriculture

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1d8 Grains 1d8 Melons
1 barley 1 watermelons
2 wheat 2 honeydew
3 oat 3 cantaloupe
4 rice 4 squash
5 rye 5 zucchini
6 maize 6 butternut
7 millet 7 sugarmelon
8 sorghum 8 rockmelon
1d8 vegetables 1d8 Fruits
1 beet 1 apple
2 broccoli 2 orange
3 peas 3 peach
4 carrots 4 pear
5 celery 5 mango
6 onions 6 lemon
7 potatoes 7 lime
8 turnip 8 fig

An Arched Nave leads to the Raised Chancel Holding the Remains of a Saint

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It’s been two weeks since my last table.  I was striving so hard to get on a bi-weekly posting schedule when I came upon my theme for April; Dungeons – Randomly.  I have long been inspired by Rogue-Like games and the emergent behavior that comes from randomness.  And of course the basis of all Rogue-Like games is the dungeon itself.

I explored the methodologies of dungeon creation employed and started, restarted, re-thunk, re-thought, and re-explored the way that I was trying to go to develop this massive undertaking of random joy! And finally settled on a bottom-up rather then a top down approach.

One of great ideas for random generation of dungeons in some of the RL’s is the use of themes, and sub-themes for each level of generation.  These themes can be broken down into three major categories: Storage, Lair, Work.

Storage would include areas from Crypts (Storage of Bodies) to Vaults (Storage of Treasure).

Lairs would include areas from a goblin warren to a dragon den.

The Work section is perhaps the most interesting when it comes down to describing sections of a dungeon.   Mines are a work zone, underground agriculture mold farms are work zones, hidden mage complexes are work zones, and lastly temples are work zones.  RandomDM thusly presents:  Random Churches!  I’ll note that no prejudice is implied by the vocabulary of the table.  Easily accessible internet resources are already biased to a certain vocabulary and this table reflects that fact.

1d6 Nave Features 2d4-1 Wall Decorations

(Path from Entrance to altar) 1 verse depictions
1 pews line the nave 2 stained glass mirrors
2 statues line the nave 3 statues of important figures
3 arches line the nave 4 stark and barren
4 columns line the nave 5 sheathed in mineral foil
5 the nave is vaulted 6 intricate stone work
6 is an empty prayer hall 7 intricate paintings
1d6 Choir Features 2d3-1 Chancel Features

(Seating for the Clergy)
(Choir area for Important Clergy)
1 simplistic pews 1 raised above the nave
2 ornate pews 2 sunk below the nave
3 simplistic choir stalls 3 ritual tool storage
4 ornate choir stalls 4 shielded from the nave
5 simplistic benches 5 sacred relic resting spot
6 ornate benches
1d6 Lectern 1d6 Font
1 attached 1 small basin
2 a solid piece of material 2 large bath
3 animal motif 3 medium tub
4 oversized 4 fountain
5 ornate inlays 5 portable (1d4 font)
6 verse depiction 6 made of valuable minerals (1d4 font)
1d10 Purpose
Other Features
1 Relic Holding/Display 1 Minarets
2 Crypt/Tomb 2 Pulpit
3 Specific Ritual 3 Crypt
4 Daily Worship 4 Singular Tomb
5 Seat of Power 5 Relic
6 A Sect of main religion 6 Divination Focus
7 Pilgramage Site 7 Housing for Priest
8 Seminary 8 Barracks for Holy Warriors
9 Lecture/Educational focus 9 Repurposed from different religion
10 Monastary 10 Previously Descecrated
11 Library
12 Scriptorium
1d8 Facing 2d3-1 Sizing
1 faces east 1 is ‘small’ sized
2 faces west 2 is ‘medium’ sized
3 faces north 3 is ‘large’ sized
4 faces south 4 is ‘huge’ sized
5 faces NE 5 is ‘gargantuan’ sized
6 faces NW
7 faces SE
8 faces SW


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The original pranksters. The Sidhe, the fey, fairies, whatever you want to call them have launched pranks against humanity for centuries long before the invention of April Fools day.  From the brownies that make shoes, to will’o’wisps that take travelers on long journeys through the forest.

In honor of these creatures here’s a table to help you play them up a bit more.

(Noun) (Appearance) is going to give you, your: surly metallic skinned humanoid with bat wings.

(Location) (Purpose) is a good combination to give you a fey that lives in/near ovens that turns water into wine!

(Trigger) (Location) (Action) is your random encounter.  Someone stealing wine in/near a birds nest could lead you to seeing a fey that is washing the clothes of a soon to be dead enemy.

1d10 Noun 3d4-2 Appearance
1 evil 1 a halfman – half other creature
2 greedy 2 a metallic toned humanoid
3 surly 3 grotesquely malformed humanoid
4 drunk 4 a colored humanoid
5 happy 5 a (1d4 Appearance) with fairy wings
6 cheerful 6 a (1d4 Appearance) with bat wings
7 devious 7 a creature the size of another creature
8 serious 8 a creature with fairy wings
9 silly 9 a creature with bat wings
10 forlorn 10 a creature with the body part of a humanoid
2d8-1 Location 2d8-1 Trigger
1 side of a stream 1 falls asleep
2 under a bridge 2 someone is about to die
3 in/near an oven 3 someone is stealing wine
4 in/near a birds nest 4 unsoled shoes are left out
5 in/near piles of unshorn wool 5 chokes on food
6 in/near a pool of water 6 slips on ice
7 in/near the bedroom 7 is rained upon at dawn
8 in/near a treasure horde 8 falls on a path
9 in/near the stables 9 pickled foodstuffs are left out
10 in/near shoes 10 full moon
11 abandoned rabbit holes 11 solar eclipse
12 in/near the refuse pit 12 someone laughs at an inopportune time
13 in/near blackberry bushes 13 a sword is drawn
14 in/near cool dank dark places 14 a song is sung or an instrument is played
15 in/near top hats 15 casts a spell
2d8-1 Action 1d10 Purpose
1 crawls down the throat and feeds off their last meal leaving them hungry 1 washes the clothes of the soon to be deceased
2 unties shoelaces 2 escort the dead to the afterlife
3 tinkles like the ringing of a silver bell 3 protect valuables
4 remove the metal shoes off of creatures 4 pester children
5 knowingly dispenses bad advice 5 protect similarly aligned individuals
6 follows around and sings sea chanties 6 stack coins
7 sprinkles perfume on enemies 7 soles or resoles shoes
8 cries like a newborn baby 8 turns water into wine
9 changes the color of trespassers clothing 9 grooms animals
10 turns metal into wood 10 tailor clothes
11 leaves a path of bread into the wilderness
12 sings lullabies to entice trespassers to sleep
13 tickles anyone with a drawn weapon
14 causes a rain cloud to rain upon trespassers
15 makes trespassers sneeze continuously