Random Talosian Councilmember

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Johnn@http://www.campaignmastery.com posted recently about power bases for campaigns and I told him how I had 51 Political Npcs fleshed out to interact with. He seemed impressed with it, but the secret of the RandomDM is proper use of random tables, so presented here is the table that I used to quickly generate the Council Members. Any Alliances, power bases and secret agreements can be drawn by simple conclusion when you look at power ratings, wards, years of service. The first line is an example of the excel entry for each NPC:

Name Years of Service Age First Committee Second Committee Position District Power
Etianna 21 61 Mines & Forest Education Hereditary West Ward 14
  Years of Service Power   Age Power  
  2d4 x 4 years YoS / 10   Years of Service +3d10+15 years Age * .167  
3d6-3 Committee

1 Committee on Cultural Affairs   2    
2 Talosian Education Board   2    
3 Civil Justice Court   4    
4 Committee on Commerce and Trade   3    
5 Committee on Farms and Agriculture   1    
6 Committee on Hinterland Affairs   2    
7 Home Affairs Council   3    
8 Committee on Mines and Forests   1    
9 Port Council   4    
10 Committee on Landworks   1    
11 External Affairs Council   4    
12 Trivumate of Generals   4    
13 Economics Board   4    
14 Committee on Waterworks and Sanitation   1    
15 RE-Roll if for First Committee, None if for Second Committee      
2d6-1 Ward Power   Power
1 Dock Ward 3   Add All Power Sections to get Total Power
2 Industrial Ward 3          
3 North Ward 2          
4 East Ward 2          
5 West Ward 2          
6 South Ward 2          
7 Central Ward 1          
8 Linar Ward 4          
9 Plasii Ward 4          
10 Capos Ward 4          
11 Atkens Ward 4          
1d8 Position Power          
1-5 Elected 0.33          
6-7 Lifetime 0.66          
8 Hereditary 1          

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