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Here it goes, we’ve moved to

Check out the new site, and if for some reason you aren’t automatically re-directed, there’s the link at the top!


Hoard Project – Update

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Well, the posts and tables are piling up, but the internet connection at home has kept me off the net for two weeks! The project continues to become an epic pile of tables that are fantastic, at least in my own opinion.

Miscellaneous – Animals

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1d20 Fantastical Creatures A
1d20 Fantastical Creatures B
1 blink dog 1 basilisk
2 dire rat 1 celestial
3 dragon 3 chimera
4 viper 4 cyclop
5 flying snake 5 demon
6 formian worker 6 djinni
7 giant lizard 7 drow
8 hell hound 8 efreeti
9 hippogriff 9 griffin
10 howler 10 harpy
11 imp 11 hydra
12 krenshar 12 kraken
13 leopard 13 illithid
14 lynx 14 leviathon
15 pseudodragon 15 manticore
16 shocker lizard 16 pegasus
17 spitting crawler lizard 17 phoenix
18 stirge 18 rakshasa
19 wolverine 19 unicorn
20 worg 20 wyvern
1d12 Bird of Prey

1 eagle
2 falcon
3 hawk
4 raven
5 rook
6 heron
7 crane
8 crow
9 condor
10 owl
11 merlin
12 vulture

Hoard Project – Hiatus

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I tried valiantly to accomplish three major free time tasks this month. One has been completed (Business related) the other has a hard deadline of Friday (Finish this years Halloween Expansion for the Mud that I work on, yes I still mud! GateWay Mud)

I will continue the remainder of the Hoard Project going into November! With a return to TST’s. And more regular table postings for all my fans. So see you all back here in November!

Some afterhoard thoughts – looking fowards too.

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So, of course stumbling around looking @ my stats I noticed the link from Mithril & Mages, and I had this one on the backburner for awhile, I am going to upgrade to a paid account/selfhosting so I can do some more widgets, stat tracking, and more! Mostly I want to get some php and mysql live so that I can get some of these tables as actual generators. I know there are a lot of ‘generator’ sites out there, but I want my own!

Never fear though, I will continue posting the tables as I have, because I think its a unique concept and while some OSR’ers are posting this or that table, noone FOCUSES on random tables like me!

But what I will do is integrate some coolness into it. Much like Digital Orc did with the google spreadsheet; I’ll create user input interfaces for the generator, so that the audience can input more details and make it robust.

So that’s something to look forward too when this Hoard project wraps up here at the end of the month.

Widgets are machine components, tables are hoard components!

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It’s important to note that there are many types of loot that can go into a Hoard. And it can really define the purpose and therefore the plot potential of the loot. Last week we looked at the different types of hoards. We learned that; A noble is going to have a different hoard then a goblin who is going too have a different hoard then a dragon who will also have a different hoard then the treasury of the local bishop. The components are going to be very different. But what if you find that the Goblin Hoard is made up of the same components as what you’d expect from the local bishop? Now you have a plot point. What if the bishop has a hoard of weapons? Well that’s a new plot point. This is what we really like about random treasure generation, it makes the world come a live. It simulates life, as long as there are rules that are followed.

1d20 Treasure Component Description
1 Alcohol Dwarven Ale, Elvish wine, they are all expensive and collectible
2 Armor Collections of armor types, Shields, Helmets, bracers
3 Art Objects If it’s Art, it’s Treasure!
4 Clothing Princely Robes, to Exotic Suits, to the Hats of the Bards Guild
5 Coin Numismatics!
6 Craft tools Hammers, Anvils, Apothecary Labs, they are treasure too!
7 Furniture Thrones, expensive Chests, Pillows stuffed with Pixie wings
8 Household Wares I’ve never understood spoon collections, but Crystal Ware and China
9 Jewelry Durh
10 Library If money is power, and knowledge is power, A = B and C = B then A = C
11 Magical Miscellany Magical Ingredients can be treasure
12 Potions Consumable Treasure! Finally!
13 Professional Tools A Carter, or Fisherman might be buried with their mode of transportation
14 Raw Materials 100 tons of ore is loot, heavy and cumbersome, but it’s still loot
15 Religious Artifacts Reliquaries, incense, Altar clothing
16 Weapon The Biggest collection of AWL Pikes?!? That’s the best ever!
17 Zoological Statues, bones, egg shards, animals are important.



It annoys me that I was only able to get 17 ideas for components. It’s not even a die! But there it’s 17 components to make your treasure hoard interesting. In upcoming episodes we will flesh these components out and continue to grow our understanding of what our hoard is going to be.

What is this Hoard that we have here?

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Today our epic journey towards the Hoard Project we start from the very beginning. Defining our Hoards. This is a rough sketch of what each type of Hoard will be categorized as, along with a couple of d6 suggestions on the themes. There are some unbalanced, and not very well thought out assignments on the quantity of components in each theme. Look for those to change as we advance along the path to building a truly epic hoard for your players to stumble upon.

1d6 Type of Hoard
Founders Hoard, Merchant Hoard, Personal Hoard, Hoard of Loot, and Votive Hoards. This is a great way for us to develop some rules to our hoard, and help us build the list of component treasures that make up the hoard. Each horde then can be broken down into more specific categories that allow us to customize and develop each hoard to be unique.
1 Founders Hoard
2 Merchant Hoard
3 Personal Hoard
4 Hoard of Loot
5 Votive Hoard
6 Roll Twice more
A Founder’s hoard contain broken or unfit metal objects, ingots, casting waste, and often complete objects, in a finished state. These are usually craft, or craftsman related hoards, and will work best when associated with some sort of craft. These Hoards are going to contain 2d3 ‘tool’ components in the hoard. They will also contain 1d4 portions of ‘raw’ components in the hoard. 1d6 Founder’s Hoard
1 Blacksmith
2 Jeweler
3 Painter
4 Sculpter
5 Lorimer
6 Tailor
1d6 Merchant’s Hoard
A Merchant’s hoard is a collection of finished objects that are in condition and organized as if they are to be subjected to a sale. They are also hoards that are most likely to be found in, well stores, trading stations, and other places that trade is likely to occur. They will contain 1d4+4 components of finished products, and can contain 1d4 trade goods. They may also contain 1d4 library components.
1 Spice Merchant
2 Surgeon
3 Wineseller
4 Mapmaker
5 Herbalist
6 Glass Seller
A Personal hoard is going to be a collection of personal objects that any given person might collect over their lifetime. It will generally include items that have significant personal value, but could also contain objects of high market value also. It will contain 2d3 high value personal object components. 1d4 Household components, and 1d3 Art Object Components 1d6 Personal Hoard
1 Noble
2 Wizard
3 Mercenary
4 Hermit
5 Philosopher
6 Ship Captain
1d6 Hoard of Loot
The best of the best. This hoard is the one that people dream of finding, usually gathered through the use of force, it is a pile of treasure that is difficult to imagine and generates a lot of buzz. See ‘National Treasure’. Rampaging Vikings collect loot, Pirates Plunder, and war parties capture. You’ll find 3d4 coin components, 2d4 Art Objects Components, 1d4 personal object components, and 1d4 weapon components.
1 Barbarians
2 Raiding Party
3 Abandoned Fort
4 Buried Treasure
5 Monster Lair
6 Lords Manor
A Votive hoard is a hoard gathered by purposeful disposition of items, either at once or over time. They often have religious overtones. The quality of items in this type of hoard are above-average. 2d4 Personal objects, 1d4 Religious Objects 1d6 Votive Hoard
1 Burial Chamber
2 Temple
3 Storied
4 Offering Sites
5 School
6 Seer